Group Leaders:

Page & Gabe Hernandez

College Group

Our college-age small group is designed for 18-24 year olds and they meet in homes each week to study the Bible, build strong relationships, and cultivate a heart for others.  We want our college-age adults to know:
1) I’m called to grow in righteousness through God’s Word. 
2) I need to connect relationally with older Believers. 
3) I should actively be a part of solutions in my church, my community, and the world.

If you are 18-24 years old or if you know someone who is, you should sign up to be a part of this small group!

What To Expect

An evening filled with dinner, engaging discussions on relevant topics from a biblical perspective, and hangout sessions afterward. Whether it's watching the game or simply great conversations, expect a welcoming and enriching experience with like-minded peers.

Upcoming Events